All believers participate in the Church’s catechetical mission. Parents and guardians are the most influential agents of catechesis for their children. Some are called to more specific catechetical roles. Bishops are primarily responsible for catechesis. Priests share the teaching role of the Bishop and are his immediate collaborators. Catechists assist bishops and priests in the catechetical mission. Catechists include: deacons, Catholic school principals and faculty, parish religious education personnel, youth ministers and campus ministers. The Office for Catechetical Formation assists in the preparation and ongoing formation of catechists.


Catechetical Certification Policy

For Catholic Elementary School Principals, Director/Coordinator for Religious Education, and Catholic Elementary School Teachers:

Master Catechetical Certification Policy

Master Catechetical Certification Policy
This policy may be revised or modified by the OCF and posted at the OCF website. Elementary school administrators will be apprised of these changes via an electronic communication from the Office of Catholic Education. 

Electives Credits Conversion Chart

For Catholic Parish Catechists:

Basic Catechetical Certification Policy

Appendix IV-Completion Form

Catechetical Institute Courses

OCF Synchronous Courses